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Duraseal Services specialises in coloured bitumen paving and other asphalt and bitumen services across Melbourne and regional Victoria. Duraseal Services’ creative, coloured bitumen makes your project stand out.

Melbourne drainage excavation

Effective drainage is essential for any construction project and Duraseal Services in Melbourne has the experience and expertise to carry out any drainage excavation project. From driveways to pathways, and domestic or industrial building sites, Duraseal Services has achieved top results in drainage excavation on a range of projects, with our attention to detail ensuring jobs are carried out to the highest standard. And because we do asphalt paving, there’s no need to go through separate contractors to finish your project. Check out the asphalt and bitumen areas we could work on for you.

Factors such as ground movement and root overgrowth can cause cracks in foundations and create drainage issues down the track if not considered carefully during the drainage excavation stage. With our professional approach and more than 20 years’ experience, Duraseal Services will complete a thorough site assessment to ensure everything is considered in our plan to prevent future drainage issues. This might involve excavation and replacement of defective sections and coordinating projects with other contractors. Whatever is required, Duraseal Services will go that extra step to ensure its drainage excavation operation is spot on.

To achieve effective drainage, one important component is getting the slope right for laying the foundation or asphalt. Duraseal Services can guarantee its ground levelling and grading services to achieve great results for your project. We operate with 1.5-tonne to 20-tonne excavators and a large range of attachments.

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