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Duraseal Services specialises in coloured bitumen paving and other asphalt and bitumen services across Melbourne and regional Victoria. Duraseal Services’ creative, coloured bitumen makes your project stand out.

Bitumen sealing specialists for Melbourne projects

February 28 2017

If you are after a cost-effective, quality solution to seal your driveway and paths, then talk to our team about bitumen sealing in Melbourne.

Bitumen sealing is proving popular across this great city as people look for options to protect and improve areas that receive medium to low traffic. Whether you want to add visual punch to your home’s front drive, match a path to a certain colour scheme or improve a car parking area, this sealing solution may be just the answer you’re looking for.

At Duraseal Services, we’re not surprised our hot spray-and-seal bitumen is in demand. The application has plenty of attractions.

First cab off the rank is durability, followed by its superior waterproofing properties, value for money, flexibility and versatility in suiting a wide variety of sites and projects.

Then there’s our range of coloured bitumen, allowing you to match surfaces to your environment, raise their visibility or just make a statement. If those benefits aren’t enough, how about the simple fact that bitumen sealing in Melbourne looks great. Really, really great.

But an excellent result must begin with strong foundations and that’s why we put so much effort into initial preparation of the site to be sealed. Our experienced team then sprays on the hot bitumen, waterproofing the surface, and adds an even aggregate layer.

To achieve a quality spray-seal application you have to know what you’re doing and strike the right balance when it comes to ratios of hot bitumen spray and aggregate. Too much or too little can impact negatively on the surface’s lifespan.

Put simply, this is not a job for cowboys. Our team closely follows approved asphalt sealers guidelines with every job we tackle, ensuring a great result for our clients.

For more information on bitumen sealing Melbourne clients can contact us at Duraseal Services.