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Duraseal Services specialises in coloured bitumen paving and other asphalt and bitumen services across Melbourne and regional Victoria. Duraseal Services’ creative, coloured bitumen makes your project stand out.

Asphalt paving services in Melbourne

Duraseal Services is a leader in asphalt and bitumen services across Melbourne, specialising in domestic or smaller-scale work. With more than 20 years’ experience in asphalt paving and driveway sealing, we understand everyone’s needs are different when it comes to bitumen. And our aim is to come up with an asphalt paving solution for you.

Whether you have a space in need of a facelift, are sick of the dust or potholes at your property or need an asphalt sealer to deal with drainage issues, we can help. The areas we cover include:

  • Driveways
  • Driveway edging
  • Car parks
  • Pathways
  • Roads
  • Other areas

Duraseal Services has a reputation in Melbourne for its coloured bitumen, with many customers now turning to an alternative to the black driveway sealers. Our unique spray on bitumen product can be made in a colour to suit your needs. Check out our gallery for a sample of our coloured bitumen projects and all other work.

Our more traditional asphalt paving is popular across Melbourne and Victoria, with our hot spray and seal bitumen perfect for almost any area you need sealed. We also do asphalt patching for existing sealed areas in need of resurfacing or repair, while if it’s site preparation services you need we don’t cut corners, ensuring your asphalt paving will last. Get in touch to discuss how we can help with your asphalt paving needs.

Hot Spray & Seal Bitumen

Duraseal Services has a waterproof, durable and flexible driveway sealing solution for you with its hot spray and seal bitumen application. Our spray seal is a tried and trusted technique for sealing medium to low-traffic volume areas, such as driveways, roads, car parks and pathways. Hot spray-and-seal bitumen involves applying a spray coat of hot bitumen […]

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Coloured Bitumen

Henry Ford once said: “You can have any colour as long as it’s black”, in reference to his new Model T line of cars. That was once the case too in asphalt paving, with black bitumen being the only option. But there is now an alternative. Coloured bitumen is the “new black” in the asphalt market. […]

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Asphalt Patching

An asphalt patch by Duraseal Services can be a hassle-free solution to any existing asphalt surfaces that are damaged, cracked or leaking. We specialise in asphalt driveway repair for homes and rural properties in Melbourne and surrounding areas, and also service car parks, schools, bus and truck yards, wineries and bed and breakfasts – basically anywhere […]

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Site Preparation

Asphalt driveway preparation is one of the most important components of laying a new driveway. In fact, site preparation is the key for any asphalt paving if you want a bitumen driveway that will last. At Duraseal Services we take no shortcuts on preparing our sites as our goal is to lay asphalt that won’t fail. Meticulous […]

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