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Duraseal Services¬†specialises in coloured bitumen paving and other asphalt and bitumen services across Melbourne and regional Victoria. Duraseal Services’ creative, coloured bitumen makes your project stand out.

Duraseal Services Blog

Asphalt or bitumen? What’s the difference?

October 31, 2017Bitumen driveways and car parks are a common sight as you travel across Melbourne’s busy suburbs. But what actually is bitumen? How does it differ from asphalt? And who can we turn to for answers? While the words bitumen and asphalt are often used interchangeably by many people, specialists will tell you there is a...
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Quality asphalt paving services across Melbourne

July 30, 2017When you book a team for ¬†asphalt paving in Melbourne, you want them to be leaders in their industry and armed with wide knowledge and experience. With Duraseal Services tackling your asphalting project, that’s exactly what you get. Our professional crew knows that a great result depends on getting every step in the process right,...
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Melbourne specialists for paving asphalt driveways

May 31, 2017If you are looking to upgrade the approach to your home, turn a team that specialises in paving asphalt driveways in Melbourne and beyond. And that’s Duraseal Services. We have wide experience in creating great driveway looks and we know that asphalt can be a value-for-money solution that combines function and style. When it comes...
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Bitumen sealing specialists for Melbourne projects

February 28, 2017If you are after a cost-effective, quality solution to seal your driveway and paths, then talk to our team about bitumen sealing in Melbourne. Bitumen sealing is proving popular across this great city as people look for options to protect and improve areas that receive medium to low traffic. Whether you want to add visual...
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