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Asphalt or bitumen? What’s the difference?

October 31 2017

Bitumen driveways and car parks are a common sight as you travel across Melbourne’s busy suburbs.

But what actually is bitumen? How does it differ from asphalt? And who can we turn to for answers?

While the words bitumen and asphalt are often used interchangeably by many people, specialists will tell you there is a difference. In simple terms, you can think of bitumen as the glue that binds asphalt together while asphalt is a combination of bitumen and other materials including particles of stone and sand.

If you’ve travelled across this great country, you’ll have driven over bitumen-sealed roads – which often have a two-coat seal of bitumen with aggregate cover – as well as smooth asphalt surfaces. And chances are you’ll have hit gravel roads too, leaving a cloud of dust in your wake.

At Duraseal Services, we are specialists when it comes to bitumen and asaphalt paving. For great looking bitumen driveways Melbourne clients turn to our trusted team for help and we don’t let them down.

We have years of experience in the industry and work hard to find great paving solutions for our clients. From crowd-pleasing coloured bitumen through to other asphalt and bitumen services, we’ve got you covered.

If you want a driveway, path or parking area sealed, don’t get bogged down by the bitumen versus asphalt terminology. Talk to our friendly team for information and practical advice on what product best suits your needs.

For bitumen driveways Melbourne clients are embracing our coloured bitumen range with enthusiasm. Coloured bitumen looks great, can complement your home’s colour scheme and is durable. We also have the traditional black asphalt look too.

From careful site preparation right through to job completion, you can rely on our experienced team to produce a quality result every time. That’s what clients expect and that’s what we are committed to delivering every time. Every job. Every working day.

If you want to see some great images of our team carrying out bitumen and asphalt services, please take time to view our gallery of photos.

So don’t stress about the asphalt/bitumen debate as you consider paving options for your Melbourne driveway or other project – just contact Duraseal Services for specialist advice or a consult. You are also welcome to request a quote online.